+ Aerospace
+ Automotive
+ Electronics
+ Food Products
+ Medical Products
+ Metal Mechanic
+ Plastic
+ Renewable Energy
+ Contract manufacturing

The aerospace industry has been an active industry in the city for almost 50 years, with 28 successful companies of design, assembly and MRO. The workforce in this industry has an estimated of 8,000 technicians, engineers and operators, taking the 20% of the percentage of Mexican Aerospace Industry.


The automotive industry in has over 20 companies in this sector established in the Mexicali, with a workforce of over 9000 employees and a potential market for the auto parts selling. In addition, it has become a growing Off-Road Business with more than 25 companies due to Off Road Races and Events in the State.

Renewable Energy

His sector is in full development in Mexicali because of the strategic location, weather conditions, and the abundance of natural resources. A key element will be the California's Renewable Portfolio Standard regulations which requires that in 2020 , 33% of the used energy will come from renewable sources such as solar, Eolic, biomass and geothermal.

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Metal Mechanic

Industry that concentrates the largest manpower in Mexicali. The skills in metal mechanics, which have been developed in this city through the years, allowed foreign and national companies to expand their operations. The future of the metal mechanics industry in Mexicali is to continue the transfer of high end work that requires skilled human resources and modern technology.


Industries that supply everyday needs in Mexicali. Due to the presence of a large industrial market in the region, companies like Orange County Containers (City of Industry, CA) and local Papelera San Francisco, have been successful in the corrugated boxes and paper business.
In the plastics sector, Newell Rubbermaid (Atlanta, GA), has been assembling a wide range of plastic products in Mexicali since 1987.
Opportunities in Mexicali for these industries, allow companies to establish both, cost and profit centers.

Food Products

The food industry sector has taken advantage from the strategic location of Mexicali, so as the agricultural valley and their fertile lands. International companies like Kellogg´s Company, Coca Cola Co. and Frito Lay, have established success operations in Mexicali. On the other hand national companies like Bimbo, Barcel and La Moderna have established operations in Mexicali, due to its strategic location considered a platform to attack news markets like the U.S and Asian markets.


Mexicali has 40 electronic related companies established, with manufacturing, MRO and assembly operations. The industry also has a workforce of approximately 22,000 technicians, engineers, among others, and of course strong and effective linkage programs between industry and educational institutions.

Medical Products

Baja California has the largest medical device cluster in Latin America. The city of Mexicali has 15 medical companies established with manufacturing, assembly and packaging operation and a workforce of approximately 6,000 engineers, technicians among others. The operating facilities used for the medical industry have been approved by the FDA, assuring their quality and safety.