Furukawa Mexico 16 years in Mexicali

Mexicali, BC- Furukawa Mexico supports the reduction of unemployment in the city, employing more than 400 employees in 2013 to this year, increasing by 50% the number of workers.

It was in the month of April 1998, when the company of Japanese origin (Furukawa Electric Company), installed one of its divisions in Mexicali, which is part of the manufacturing segment of automotive products in the city.
A total of 1800 employees of Mexicali Furmex form part of an important link for Furukawa Mexico who produce rotary connectors for the steering wheel (Steering Roll Connector), which is responsible for maintaining a constant electrical circuit between the air bags ranging in automobiles and the impact sensor on the vehicle.
They also produce wire harnesses, fuse boxes and relays for automobiles, plastic products for various vehicle applications, connectors and covers. Currently they are producing a component called \\\"Battery Monitor Sensor\\\" (BMS), which is responsible for reviewing the charge of the vehicle battery. Furukawa Mexico is an attractive supplier in the automotive industry, whose clients are leading companies such as General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Delphi, among others.

The company is certified with quality management and environmental systems. Last year they won two major awards, awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, such as the \\\"Inclusive Company\\\" and \\\"Family Friendly Company\\\". They also received by the State Government last year, a distinctive called \\\"High Environmental Performance Program\\\" in regard to the environment and the use of natural resources, recycling programs and reductions in power consumption.

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Furukawa México cumple 16 años en Mexicali. Periódico Industrial Siglo XXI.