Rockwell Collins initiates preparation of new product

Mexicali, BC- The passenger interacts with the CPU through touch screen and optionally with a \\\"Passenger Control Unit\\\" (PCU).
Currently, a transition of a new product is preparing in the aerial plant better known as Rockwell Collins EMMSA called \\\"Media Player\\\", which consists of a display (LCD), which provides full functionality entertainment as well as custom interactive control, games, 3D Moving Map interactive, Audio and Video on demand, being a key element in system 3 P @ VES.

Each passenger seat can be equipped with MPU which is installed in the backrest along all sections of the plane. The MPU provides all the functionality expected of a digital media player. In addition, the MPU can receive an unlimited number of information / data through the network of internal communication of the aircraft. The passenger interacts with the MPU through touch screen and optionally with a \\\"Passenger Control Unit\\\" (PCU).
The MPU has a headphone port, a USB port for playing content and own Digital Audio Video passenger and similarly can be used as a power source for charging personal devices. The MPU also can be used by attendants as control panel projection systems, messages, etc. Using this, different program can be loaded with a different unit to provide the control interface systems. soccer news

There will be many variations in the screen size of the MPU (the first 10-inch version), which they may be installed in different sections of the aircraft, between business and economy class.


Inicia Rockwell Collins preparación del nuevo producto. Periódico Industrial Siglo XXI.