Manufacturing to seek more innovation and technology for 2016

By: Manufactura

MEXICO CITY - A survey by KPMG International, notes that four out of ten executives on the manufacturing industry say that next year they will assign more than 20% of the total cost of Information Technologies (IT), to the Systems area, in order to improve the pace and the value of innovation (engineering, manufacturing and supply chain).
Also, 32% of them, considered strategic priorities the development of new products and the Investigation and Development (I & D), according to the document \\\\\\\"Global Manufacturing Industry Outlook, 2015. Preparing for the battle: Manufactures ready for transdormation.\\\\\\\"
With these changes, we believe that the manufacturing industry is in the midst of a massive transformation; however, few manufacturers are truly living a momentous change. Most of them are still adjusting their business models and operational structures, preparing for the battle to come.
In this analysis presentation, KPMG includes the perspective of 386 Senior Executives of four industries (Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Products Engineering and Metals) and two sectors (Conglomerate and Medical Devices) in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
The Manufacturing Industry in Mexico, compared to the global trend, is in an early stage of transformation. Growth and innovation, cost structures and efficiency on the supply chain are at the top of the agenda, but the steps to implement next-generation strategies are barely visible.
Due to its geographical location and developed centers of manufacturing, Mexico is focused on providing the US market and meet the increasing demands of manufactures aligned to the customer needs, to minimize responding times and changes in the market. However, we haven\\\\\\\'t seen yet significantly the adoption of new technologies such as 3D printing and visibility in the supply chain.

Reference: Translated from the original text in spanish:
Manufactura (2015).
\\\\\\\"Manufactura va por mayor innovación y tecnología en 2016\\\\\\\" Extracted on june 22, 2016 from