Based in the city of Torrance, California Aerospace oriented organization Aerofied dedicates to support suppliers target their market, mainly manufacturing companies. Aerofied is looking to change the way the aerospace related professionals - such as suppliers and the future generations of the market - connect and interact with each other.

Mexicali EDC has had the opportunity to work with Aerofied for the past 6 months and to keep its relationship with the organization, strengthen it and raise mechanisms for joint collaboration. In the past it has had the chance to visit some of Aerofied’s affiliates and also the pleasure to welcome them in Mexicali.

As part of the joint strategy, several of the affiliates visited the city of Mexicali in an effort to showcase the advantages of this industrial city and the aerospace cluster from Baja California.

With the organization of the Mexicali EDC team and Aerofied’s president, Collin Jager, the delegation consisted of 10 U.S. aerospace companies: Micor Industries, U.S. Precision Sheet Metal, Scotia Engineering Inc., Composite Solutions Inc., Laurel Sheet Metal Product, Quartus Engineering, Laserod Technologies Inc., Blue Iron Network, Emergen Tek, and General Aerospace.

The agenda for the program consisted on visits to Triumph Group, Honeywell Aerospace and UTC Aerospace where the attendees had the opportunity to see what these companies have accomplished in Mexicali and to tour their manufacturing facilities. As part of these activities, the Baja State University welcomed them into their Aerospace Laboratory, where the teachers and students prepared a tour and presentation about the engineering programs and the linkage between them and the companies in the city.

Complimentary to the agenda, the Secretary of Economic Development shared information about their aerospace training center ICAT, which main objective is to develop knowledge, allowing the people to improve their skills on certain activities needed in the industry, mainly aerospace.

Mexicali EDC had the valuable participation of U.S. and Mexican custom brokers during a business panel regarding the processes and requirements of importing and exporting goods.

The Mexicali EDC is a nonprofit organization devoted to promote Mexicali as an investment destination and help new companies with the soft landing process. Plant tours, business seminars with experts in different fields, information source are some of the standard services provided by the Mexicali EDC.

For more information please contact the Mexicali EDC directly at or 1 800 952 8481